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Uttar Banga Maheshwari College

At Uttar Banga Maheshwari College (UBMC), we are dedicated to enriching students' learning journeys through immersive training programs. Our institution is committed to delivering high-quality education that prioritizes hands-on learning experiences tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students.

  • Hands-on Training Programs: UBMC offers a range of hands-on training initiatives aimed at enhancing students' practical skills and competencies.
  • Practical Approach to Education: Our college fosters a practical approach to education, ensuring that theoretical knowledge is complemented by real-world applications.
  • High-Quality Education: We strive to provide top-tier education that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields.

Join us at UBMC and embark on a journey of academic excellence and practical learning, where every student's potential is nurtured and realized.

Campus Information


  • 3.2 Kms away from North Bengal Medical College and Hospital
  • 10.5 Kms away from NJP Railway Station

Uttar Banga Maheshwari College, a constituent of Uttar Bangal Maheshwari Sewa Trust, is a premier not-for-profit educational institution in Siliguri, West Bengal. It is a co-educational college offering undergraduate courses in Arts and Commerce and a One-year certificate course in Computer Applications. The college is affiliated to North Bengal University and is recognized by the UGC.

Located at Ranidanga, Siliguri in North Bengal in a large, cool and serene campus, this college strives to provide quality education with an innovative and technological approach.

The team of experienced faculty endeavours to make learning enjoyable & meaningful, empowering the students to pave the path for a bright and enriching career.

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Our Goal

Our goal at UBMC is to deliver an unparalleled educational experience, deeply rooted in the principles of quality, innovation, and student satisfaction. We're committed to offering a learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills.

  • Innovation: Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements in various fields, ensuring that our students are always at the cutting edge of their chosen disciplines.
  • Student Satisfaction: We prioritize student satisfaction and work towards creating a supportive and enriching learning environment.
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking: We encourage creativity and critical thinking among our students, preparing them to tackle real-world challenges with confidence.
  • Practical Skills: Our programs are designed to equip students with practical skills relevant to their chosen fields, enhancing their employability and readiness for the workforce.

Core Values Thats Define UBMC

The foundation for a great college is built on excellence. Excellence in the classroom, the office and the campus. Excellence is not just about the grades you get or your productivity at work, but it's about how you conduct yourself. It's about how you treat other people and how they treat you. Excellence is measured by the way you live your life, not just how well you can take tests or earn money.

At Uttar Banga Maheshwari College, we believe that excellence is built through teamwork and collaborative strategies. We want our students to be able to sit in a group and listen to each other's point of view without having to judge or prove their own argument right away. We want our students to learn how to work together as a team while also understanding their individuality as individuals who contribute something different than the rest of the group.

We also believe that social responsibility should be an integral part of any student's education at Uttar Banga Maheshwari College because it makes them more aware of what goes on around them and gives them an opportunity to do something about it if they choose so.


Our Vision

Amalgamating academia with new-age skills to empower aspirants to be self-sustaining and employable, we are dedicated to blending traditional education with practical, real-world applications. This approach ensures our graduates are not only academically proficient but also ready to excel in their respective careers.

Our Mission

To provide quality education at an affordable cost, ensuring that every student has access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. This commitment to affordability and excellence is fundamental to our mission of opening doors to a brighter future for all. Best College in Siliguri

Facilities Provided

Modern Classrooms

The college has spacious and airy classrooms with comfortable desks and adequate audio- visual facilities.


UBMC has an excellent faculty with outstanding knowledge and expertise in their fields.

Educational Tours

The college will arrange regular educational tours to provide a real-life insights and practical exposure to the world.


The library is well equipped with all the necessary books, journals and magazines on the subjects concerned. E-Library support with latest books and journals is also available in the campus.

Placement Support

The college provides training to prepare the students for placement in multiple fields by grooming and developing the students through professional trainers. Regular guidance and counselling are provided for preparing resumes, facing interviews, and developing self-confidence.

Co-curricular Activities

The college strongly believes in extra-curricular activities like cultural events, seminars, workshops and field visits. Indoor and outdoor activities like football, cricket, badminton, chess, volleyball etc. are organised throughout the year, balancing academic needs with physical and mental fitness.

Internet & WiFi Facility

To keep the students abreast of the latest trends and developments, the college provides high bandwidth WiFi facility to enrolled students within the campus.

College Canteen

A canteen serving delicious and hygienic food is available on the campus for students to relax in during break hours.

Other Facilities

Common Rooms, Large playground, Doctor on call.

Personality Development

It has become imperative for every student to have a forward-looking, positive and practical approach in their careers and personal life. UBMC is set to guide students in developing their Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Attitude and Presentability so that they emerge confident to face the world after finishing their academic career.

Begin Your Journey to Success with UBM College

Unlock the door to exceptional learning and transformative experiences. Join us to shape your future.

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