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BA. General


The Bachelor of Arts General Programme offers a dynamic interdisciplinary education, providing students with a broad range of courses in both liberal arts and sciences. This programme is designed to furnish students with a well-rounded educational foundation, preparing them for diverse paths in graduate or professional schools, as well as equipping them for successful, independent lives.

Overview of the Programme

The General Programme at UBM College allows students to major in one of four key areas:

  1. English: Dive into deep literary analysis, enhance writing skills, and explore diverse genres and periods.
  2. Sociology: Study societal structures, cultural dynamics, and the complexities of social interactions.
  3. Political Science: Engage with the mechanics of governance, political theories, and international relations.
  4. History: Explore historical events, contexts, and interpretations across different timelines and geographies.

Curriculum Features

  • Well-Rounded Course Offerings: Students partake in a curriculum that spans across essential academic disciplines, providing a balanced educational experience.

  • Development of Core Skills:

    • Basic Writing Skills: Essential for articulating complex ideas clearly and effectively.
    • Quantitative Reasoning: Enhances the ability to analyze numerical data critically.
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Prepares students to tackle real-world problems with innovative solutions.
    • Research Skills: Equips students with the methodologies to conduct thorough and effective research.
    • Communication Skills: Develops proficiency in presenting ideas persuasively and listening actively.
  • Flexible Study Plan: Students take courses in each major area for one semester each year, allowing them to develop a broad knowledge base and specialized expertise in their chosen field.

Benefits of the General Programme

  • Preparation for Advanced Studies: The diverse skill set and broad knowledge base prepare students excellently for graduate and professional schools.

  • Career Versatility: Graduates are well-prepared for careers in education, public service, business, and beyond, thanks to their ability to adapt and excel in various fields.

  • Personal Growth: The programme not only builds academic and professional capabilities but also fosters personal development, making students well-rounded individuals ready to face various life challenges.

Why Choose This Programme?

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Students benefit from an education that crosses traditional boundaries, offering a richer, more comprehensive learning experience.

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from esteemed professors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from various fields, enhancing the interdisciplinary learning environment.

  • Strong Support Systems: UBM College provides robust academic and career advising to help students navigate their educational journey and plan their future paths effectively.

Embark on your journey with the Bachelor of Arts General Programme and gain the tools you need for both professional success and personal fulfillment.


  • Subject :BA. General
  • Course Language :English
  • Accreditation :NBU
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80015-51000 80015-52000

Fee Structure For 2024-25

Courses Offered Total No of Semester Fees per Semester Total Fees for 6 Semesters (For First 3 Years.)
Consolidated Fee per Semester Scholarships Offered per Semester Net Consolidated. Fees per for 3 Years Semester Consolidated Fees Scholarships Offered for 3 Years Total Net Payable after Scholarship for First 3 Years
3 Years Under Graduate Degree 6 ₹ 25200 ₹ 16700 ₹ 8500 ₹ 151200 ₹ 100200 ₹ 51000
4 Years Under Graduate Degree(Honours) 8 ₹ 25200 ₹ 16700 ₹ 8500 ₹ 151200 ₹ 100200 ₹ 51000
4 Years Under Graduate Degree (Honours + Research) 8

*4 Years UG Degree with Honours (with or without research) comprise of 8 Semesters. The fees of First 6 Semesters (First 3 Years) are announces now. For the 4th Year comprising of last 2 Semesters; fees will be annouced later after considering the Guidelines of New Eductaion Policy of University of North Bengal.

# The Fees are to be paid before the each Semester.

@ One Semester normally comprises of 6 Months.

Security Deposit for 3/4 Years UG Degree Course

Rs. 10,000 Payable in 2 installments (Rs. 5,000 at the time of Registration and Rs. 5,000 at the beginning of Second Semester) The Security Deposit is refundable upon completion of the course only.

Registration Fees

Rs. 500 to be paid at the time of first Registration.

Admission Fees

Admission Fees of Rs 10,000 is waived for the year 2024-25 Batch.

What you'll learn

The Bachelor of Arts in General Programme is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a degree that will allow them to take advantage of their interests in arts and humanities. The program's curriculum includes courses in English, Sociology, Political Science, and History.

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