Anti Ragging Policy


The following outlines our institution's steadfast commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environment. Our Anti-Ragging Policy is designed to protect students from any form of harassment,

  • Prohibits misconduct or harassment towards new or existing students through verbal, written, or actions leading to embarrassment, rudeness, or disrespect.
  • Forbids activities disrupting order, causing annoyance, harm (physical or psychological), instilling fear, or interfering with academic pursuits.
  • Bans coercing students into performing tasks leading to shame, torment, or psychological distress.
  • Prevents senior students from hindering academic progress of others or misusing services of newcomers for personal academic tasks.
  • Prohibits financial exploitation, physical abuse (including sexual misconduct, assault, and any behavior causing harm or risk to health).
  • Bans any form of bullying impacting a student's mental well-being and confidence.
  • Aims to maintain a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for all students.
  • Ensures accountability and strict consequences for those violating the anti-ragging policy.
  • Encourages students to report any incidents of ragging without fear of retaliation.
  • Commits to confidential and prompt investigation of reported incidents.
  • Supports victims of ragging through counseling and assistance.

Anti Ragging Committee

Name Phone No E-mail
Ms Parangama Chowdhury 8759836555 [email protected]